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Ryan's Story

Ryan raghoo - Christopher JohnFrom birth much of Ryan CJ’ Raghoo’s childhood and early years were spent in and out of hospitals which became like a second home to him. Given a limited time to live and being diagnosed with having Cerebral Palsy at the age of four his parents were told he would never walk and was to be wheel chair bound for his life’s duration. With God on his side this wasn’t to be the case and Ryan was to overcome the barrier’s placed around him to beat all odds. For the founder of Christopher John life could have been very different had he not been so determined to get the best from life and not let life get the best of him.

christopher johnThe aspiring Paralympic Athlete who is also a motivational speaker and entrepreneur has come to conquer the world where with a fast growing track of success he looks to do just that. Not many could say they have achieved half of what Ryan has in such a short space of time and he just keeps on going.  His first ever race made him a champion and title record holder  ranking him world 4th for the 100 meters, he is the British 60 meters record holder, the first ethnic minority to win a Paralympic race, has represented Great Britain at the World Juniors and is to represent England at the World Games. For this young man his achievements are endless and the greatest thing is he wants to give back to. With the Christopher John (in abled not disabled) clothing range ten per cent of all proceeds go to charity. Alongside his motivational speaking events Ryan is on a mission to change the perceptions of others towards those with disabilities as he would say there is a difference between Enabled and Disabled


Championships Not only does he want to inspire others Ryan is also working alongside other companies where they aim to get more people actively engaged in sport. The only way is up and to keep moving forward for Christopher John (which is actually Ryan’s middle name). Follow him as he embarks on an amazing journey through life. To read Ryan’s full Bio please follow the link below

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